LiL JaBBA is a 23 year old Australian-born, Brooklyn-based producer, with intricate productions that range from baroque footwork to murky swamp dirges.

His tracks tell tales, exhibiting a refreshing disregard for convention in the name of intricacy and mutation. Rapid hi-hats morph into slow triplets; faint animal calls transform into cracking snares. Atmospheres ebb and flow like brushstrokes. Its no wonder, as Jabba is a gifted oil painter who approaches production much like painting; bold, expressive and fresh. One can think of Jabba’s tracks as accompaniments to his artwork, as they seem to take a deeper meaning when contrasted against one of his huge murky paintings. Jabba cares deeply about pushing music into new and uncharted territories, and with a painter’s mind and grotto composer’s mentality, it will be exciting to see how Jabba grows and continues to push boundaries in the years ahead.