London O’Connor is a New York based self-produced songwriter from suburban Souther California. His debut album, titled O∆, was created entirely from his backpack while living between apartments in NY. O∆ is based on the suburban upbringing he ed to NY from. Initially released on Soundcloud, the album garnered him international critical acclaim, which led to him traveling play shows the UK, France and New York (as part of MoMA’s PS1 concert series) and perform on BBC’s Radio1 within months of its release.
London O’Connor’s work is honest, inventive and spatial, ranging from expansive ambient renderings of his travels to more turbulent, focused pop statements about the un- rest of domestic American life. True Panther Sounds will re-release a remastered version of O∆.

Management: Bradley Bledsoe & Nick Dierl [[email protected] [email protected]]
Booking: Matt Galle [[email protected]]