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Life of illusion

April 28, 2006 / Blog

This week was a pretty good one for David Copperfuck. Things are getting worked out with us getting flown out to Oberlin for a bigtime fun show with old friends. In preparation for our hopeful barn raising there we’ve been trying to grease up some foot stompers to unleash live. We switched up the line-up a little bit and got Life of Illusion checked off and ready for flight. It’s an ethereal jammer with some gnarly singalong lurking just beneath the surface. Thinking long and hard about asking Johny Hi-Hats Leland to lend some auxillary bongos on it to add some xxx-tra paprika flavoring to the arrangement

Joe Walsh-… Read More

Live in the heart of the silicone crystal

April 16, 2006 / Blog

A couple of weeks ago, David Copperfuck borrowed equipment and jimmy-jammed on KZSU radio down in Palo Alto, CA. It was really political. Luckily, we edited out the heated discourse and just left the 9 hot bangers for you to download and enjoy. Hopefully we’ll have a nice little silkscreened cdr recording to pass around soon, but until then… 1. David Copperfuck- Chalet Chalet 2. David Copperfuck- Raccoons 3. David Copperfuck- Lady Boner 4. David Copperfuck-Panda Proletariat 5. David Copperfuck- Bangcock 6. David Copperfuck- Night Blindness (for Papa Leland) 7. David Copperfuck- Hunting 8. David Copperfuck- Kill Someone you hateRead More

Embededded in the Fertile Crescent

March 20, 2006 / Blog

David Copperfuck live at at the sock hop.

Grocery List from the Speech Accent Archive

Cop a Feel of David Copperfuck

January 30, 2006 / Blog

Hold back your puke and click on the pictures to witness the awesomeness of the David Copperfuck show at the Stork Club in Oakland. And this was an off night, too.

showzz coming up

January 11, 2006 / Blog

Standing Nudes are playing 1/14 at Asterisk Art Space in Bushwick

Strip Mall Seizures have half their tour left, they’re playing 1/13 @ The Warehouse (Santa Cruz, CA) 1/14 @ The Smell (Los Angeles, CA) w/ Mr & Mrs Tribute To Ugliness, Weird Weeds, My Little Red Toe 1/15 @ Che Cafe (San Diego, CA) w/ Ghost Ship, Weird Weeds

and David Copperfuck are playing 1/21 at the Stork Club in Oakland

We love each other very much. And we love to party.