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Strip Mall Seizures

February 5, 2006 /

Hey, at one point we intended to make this blog kind of a resource for local music coming from here. All of us have sort of retreated into our respective hobbit holes so we aren’t too “hip” on all the newest stuff. But we are about to release an awesome record by a band that lives here, originally from San Diego, called the Strip Mall Seizures. They have a lot of songs already all over the internets already but here is one off of the album that I don’t think is anywhere. I kind of want to write a mini-essay///critical analysis of why we are so pumped to put this… Read More


showzz coming up

Standing Nudes are playing 1/14 at Asterisk Art Space in Bushwick

Strip Mall Seizures have half their tour left, they’re playing
1/13 @ The Warehouse (Santa Cruz, CA)
1/14 @ The Smell (Los Angeles, CA) w/ Mr & Mrs Tribute To Ugliness, Weird Weeds, My Little Red Toe
1/15 @ Che Cafe (San Diego, CA) w/ Ghost Ship, Weird Weeds

and David Copperfuck are playing 1/21 at the Stork Club in Oakland

We love each other very much. And we love to party.