NEW RELEASE: Silent Diane- Capella 7″

August 31, 2011

Super proud to share this new release, a killer single from Austin’s Silent Diane. Silent Diane is a project founded by Christine Aprile & Malcolm Elijah in 2009 in an effort to, in their own words, “dedicate themselves to genuine emotion”. Aprile and Elijah are seen around Austin playing with a few other bands, notably Sleep Over, but none of their projects sounds quite as colorfully bombastic, composed ambitious as this one. Aprile’s voice towers over the a-side “Capella”, it swells over and denies the mountains of washed out reverb one might expect. No one is hiding on either of these tracks, Silent Diane’s scope and arrangement is really direct and strong here, influenced by vintage soundscapes, but still somehow totally contemporary. No doubt, it’s powered by a synthetic pulse and futuristic keys but there is something undeniably human and intimate about this music and we’re proud to get to share it with you!

Silent Diane were also recently mentioned in a FADER article about their scene, Pure X, Sleep Over and Co, that’s definitely a good read. You can find it HERE.

Again in Silent Diane’s words¬†”the music becomes a collaborative venture¬†to join the pleasing and the unusual together. It is a product of living with yourself.” YES INDEED

7″ is limited to 500 COPIES. No repress. First 100 are on blue splatter vinyl (see above)

Buy Capella 7″ HERE (and get mp3s instantly)
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Silent Diane- Capella by truepanther

Here’s what Boomkat had to say, more elloquently than we could honestly….

Silent Diane are in possession of a much sharper, clearer sound than many immersed in the revolving worlds of chillwave and w*itchhouse which they border. ‘Capella’ could almost be an outtake from a Zola Jesus recording session, if it didn’t have the optimistic flourish of aerial chords to close. Sweet song. ‘Lights On’ is equally melodramatic, but with a more nuanced arrangement oscillating between twirling swoon and tribal synth-pop rapture. Check!

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  1. Simon G 10. Feb, 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    Gorgeous… Just bought on iTunes. Looking forward to the LP.

    Simon G


  1. [Listen] – New Song By Silent Diane – “Capella” | ListenBeforeYouBuy - 31. Aug, 2011

    [...] swelling well-dwelling vocals.You can get the digital version right now but I’d snap up that vinyl pressing if you’re so inclined, they won’t last long.Connect with Silent Diane – Facebook [...]

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