THURSDAY: Tanlines listening party and EVR Takeover

February 22, 2012

Dear friends, tomorrow Thursday Feb. 23rd we’ll be piling into the Hi-Fi Bar in East Village to take a listen to Tanlines‘ very special debut album Mixed Emotions in full. Show up anytime from 7-9pm to hear it on a permanent loop, eat some pizza and enjoy 2-for-1 drinks thanks to the folks at the HiFi, Other Music and East Village Radio. This record isn’t out anywhere yet, and wont be until March 20th….or until it leaks ;(…..so now’s the time. Then we can all be loaded and go see Schoolboy Q or DMX or whatever.

Additionally, myself (Dean) and folks from Tanlines and the rest of the TPS family will be doing a radio show from 6-8pm EST. We’ll play some new and rare Tanlines cuts, share some never before heard stuff, lots of LOLz lots of hmmms hopefully no zzzzzzzzsssss. Hope to see everyone!!! You can tune in on eastvillageradio.com

Pre-order Mixed Emotions HERE
Download Brothers (mp3)

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