Greetings from Mateo

Broken Strings


03 Jun 2008

1. My Baby Bites My Head Off
2. Stolen Car
3. Eyes Of The World
4. On The Cow
5. Aloha Sweet Little Monster
6. The Loneliest Girl In The Last 10,000 Years
7. Surfing Everyday
8. Which Witch
9. Straight To The Crooked Flats
10. Jackets Of Leather
11. Feel Free
12. I'm A Tide
13. Mars
14. Geezer Nights


Several years in the making, this instant classic recorded on cassette 4-track as a form of musical therapy is finally available on LP.
Endlessly passed around on mixtapes and CDrs, we’ve given this album the deluxe treatment. Limited to 300 copies.
Extremely heavy-duty silver foil stamped jackets made with love at The Key. Re-mastered by Weasel Walter into a new found shimmering cassette sound.