LP / MP3 Album


Magic Kids


24 Jun 2010

1. Phone
2. Candy
3. Superball
4. Hideout
5. Summer
6. Hey Boy
7. Good To Be
8. Skateland
9. Sailin'
10. Little Red Radio
11. Cry With Me Baby

First pressing of LP is on opaque yellow vinyl with machine numbered jackets.

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With Magic Kids’ Debut album “Memphis” they fully realize the sounds hintedat with their first singles- massive, intelligent and ecstatic POP MUSIC. There are hints of late 80’s Britpop, the Del-Phonics’ heartbreaking harmonies, ELO’s grandeur and Belle & Sebastian’s intimacy. Ultimately though the music is all theirs, a collection of 11 instant classics, a glimpse into Magic Kids’ incredible world.