7 inch / MP3 Album

$20 bill b/w Silhouette

Outer Limits Recordings


22 Feb 2011

1. $20 Bill
2. Silhouette

Outer Limits Recordings is the music brainchild of Sam Mehran, one man creating songs that take the listener up into the heaven of a woozy fuzz-pop stratosphere. OLR sounds like bright AM radio pop from an alternate, warped universe. Ridiculously catchy yet avant-garde, Outer Limits Recordings makes songs that are accessible while still remaining gorgeously bizarre. Mehran named this project after a 1960′s sci-fi TV series, and the other-worldly sense of nostalgia transcends into his music. Shades of the 70′s and 90′s emerge along with tape warp magic and sugary sweet power-pop hooks.

First pressing: 500 copies w/numbered inserts.