12in EP / MP3 Album

Pure Moods EP



09 Mar 2010

1. Banana Republic
2. Lifted
3. Underwater Sonics
4. Remain in Jah
5. Sunsplash

Get a super limited-edition USB Bracelet of the Pure Moods EP, available only on the webstore and at shows. Limited to 150 copies. USB comes with a cdr of “Lifted” remixes by Shortstuff, Ghosts On Tape, Hackman, and Le Chev. Bracelet comes in Black, Blue or Green.

Follow-up to the incredible debut album. Features the single “Lifted” and 4 more tracks of Lemonade’s unique synthesis of dance musis, soca, dub, calypso, garage all channeled through a style and force that is totally theirs.